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Thread: Accused of rape. Advice?

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    Default Accused of rape. Advice?

    It is with great sadness and disbelief i find myself on here. I have been reading the forum for many months and it has been a great source of support. I take comfort in the fact that there are many people who are going through a similar ordeal and that I am not alone. It all started on the 18th of July 2017 when a dozen police officers barged into my home in the early hours of the morning with a search warrant. They seized my phone and laptop and arrested me in front of my family as an allegation of gang rape had been made against me. The FA who i met off plenty of fish in early 2016 and had been talking to for roughly 2 months allegedly claimed that i gang raped her along with 4 other males sometime in 2016, the police did not tell me on what date. I have had no contact with her since our first meeting in march from what i can remember. They asked for the passwords to my devices which i provided and I was complying with their requests and told expressed that I would be fully cooperating with their investigation as I have not done anything wrong.

    I was then taken to the local police station where i was kept in a cell for 5 hours, my dna and fingerprints taken and then questioned and released on police bail until August 16th. I protested my innocence in the police interview and know that I am not guilty of such a heinous crime. I then attended bail in August and was subsequently released under investigation. Since my arrest I have repeatedly asked the OIC for the return of my property if everything has been downloaded as they do not need to hold on to it physically. The response i have always got it 'not until the end of the investigation'. I have also asked for updates to which I got a limited response of 'its ongoing'. On the 15th of Jan I contacted the OIC to ask what stage the investigation is at and the response I got was the inspector was reviewing the case and it had not yet been referred to the CPS. I asked when it would be likely I would hear anything and the OIC said end of January. The OIC told me the reason for the delay was that there was alot of material to go through as they were also investigating a number of other people. Consequently I called back on the 1st of Feb as I had not heard anything and was told that in light of recent press coverage they are still reviewing my case and it is still ongoing and told me they have no idea as to how long it will take.

    Ironically i was due to start my police officer training at the end of July 2017, as a result of my arrest they have told me my application is on hold and i could not start until the police investigation has concluded. Since my arrest I have been unemployed and had to sell my car as I could not keep up with the repayments. Im sure many of you are aware of the devastating impact this false accusation has had on my life. I am constantly worrying about what will happen and when will my ordeal will be over. I am also struggling mentally and have had suicidal tendencies at times as I have had to keep this from my family and friends as they no idea about whats happened. I am still in total shock and could never imagined in a million years something like this would happen. I have no idea why the FA would wait more than several months to report such a crime and no idea what her motive is. I just wish this would end and I can get on with my life.
    I have never been arrested before and had any contact with the police what so ever apart from a minor traffic offence. I would greatly appreciate advice on a few questions I have.

    1. Would there be anyway for me to commence my training for the police whilst i am still under investigation and unemployed?

    2. Most of 2016 i was on medication which has a a range of side effects, one being erectile dysfunction and low libido. Should I disclose this to the police in order to disprove the FAs claims or would they have access to my medical history?

    3. What sort of timescale should i anticipate for me to hear something from them?

    I apologies for the excessive text and would greatly appreciate any advice.

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    Hi boxer25. I'm glad you've been getting support from here in the last months. Long posts are fine - it's hard to get all your story in a short one. Unfortunately, your experience is fairly standard in terms of how investigations work. Not a lot of information and a great deal of waiting. When you get to be a police officer I hope the people you deal with have a better experience than has been meted out to you and indeed many of us.

    As for whether you can begin your training while this is hanging over you, the only people who can answer that are those dealing with recruitment. Perhaps whoever told you that your application is on hold could give you some idea of when it can be started up again.

    General advice regarding defence evidence is NOT to give it to the police without first consulting a solicitor. It seems unfair to say this to a potential police officer but most people in these circumstances find that the police are not their friends and are not impartial enough in looking at both sides of the situation. Hopefully by now, seeing as you've been looking at the site, you'll have seen that general advice is to find yourself a specialist solicitor - there is a recommendation thread on here - and run anything in terms of evidence by them before saying anything to the police.

    Timescales are difficult to assess too. Some people get an NFA or a charge within weeks, others wait months - as you have already done - and a few wait 2 years+. How long is a piece of string?

    I'm sorry not to be able to tell you anything more concrete, but hopefully, you'll be able to continue to use the site for support until the decisions are made. Keep busy, look after your mental health and hang in there!!
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    It is always with regret that we welcome a new poster but welcome anyway boxer. I'm glad that DM has been a source of information and support.

    Remember that you are anonymous here but also that this is a public site.

    You are certainly not alone and having had my own experiences on dating websites in the past (both good and bad) and having been in the groups for almost 3 years, I can't say I am surprised to hear of yet another POF FA! ( For balance, plenty of women have told me tales of their horrors using POF too!)

    I must say though, this is an extraordinary story she has cooked up. I don't suppose you know any of the other accused?

    Unless this is a case of mistaken identity, I would say that she is over reaching with her fantasies. If she had just accused you it would be harder to disprove but five men that presumably don't know one another? Come on!

    You don't say whether you had a solicitor at the interview? I would suggest contacting them or someone recommended on DM for some advice. Being unemployed you may be able to get some pre charge advice and assistance via legal aid. They may be able to help you get your devices back. It's often the case that plod try to keep things until the end of the investigation but you are quite right that if they can download the information they should be returned. This is somewhere in the police and criminal evidence (PACE) act (I can't find the bookmark - sorry) - but there is a caveat in that they have a "reasonable" amount of time to do so - and they have had plenty, but better if a solicitor does this for you.

    In answer to your questions:

    1) I doubt it sadly. There may also be further complications if you cannot be fully exonerated. An NFA is not a declaration of innocence, only that there is not a realistic prospect of a conviction. Ideally this fantasist will be prosecuted for perverting the course of justice or at the very least the police can be persuaded to record it as "no crime" which will give you a fighting chance to have your PNC record cleared.

    2) You should ask for some legal advice but I would say no. You have no idea what has been alleged or whether it even required an erection. A low libido could even suggest you were tempted to try more risky behaviour to rouse yourself. Keep it to yourself and your solicitor.

    3) How long is a piece of string? Given the complication of there being 5 defendants and the snails pace some police work at, this could take some time yet or you might get a call tomorrow.

    The most important thing is to look after yourself in the meantime.
    Consider carefully what you post in public. To join secure closed forums for those falsely accused of historical sex offences visit :

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