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Thread: Happy ending!

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    Default Happy ending!

    I first posted on here over 17 months ago when my Partner of 8 years was accused of 5 counts of rape that supposedly happened 10 years ago when he was a teenager. We have been through hell! We had pretty much lost all hope by this week. The trial started on Monday, and by Wednesday the Jury were instructed to pass a ‘Not Guilty’ verdicts to all 5 counts due to the inconsistencies of the accuser and witness statements. My Partner didn’t even have to speak! We are overjoyed and have booked our wedding. We can now carry on with our lives with our two young daughters.

    Don’t lose hope!

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    What great news and well done to both of you for surviving this.....

    2nd lot of bananas this week but with such a similar outcome to that of Aquarius, (i.e. judge discontinuing trial) it begs the question of why the CPS brought these allegations to court in the first instance....
    'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger'

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    Fabulous news! I'm so pleased for you and congratulations on your wedding plans. Thank you for posting and giving hope to others.

    Please would you let us know who your legal team was?

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    Sounds like the stupid police and CPs have made you earn these banana's but you made it through and the courts put right the wrong. Congratulations. Be good to yourselves.

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    Default Great news

    Hi, That's amazing how similar to our outcome. How fantastic.

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    Sad that this is yet another waste of tax payers' money though. Government rape conviction targets really should be removed....

    Here's some fruit for you!

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    Wonderful news. It will take time to recover but put this behind you. You will be stronger than ever and well done for coming through the other side :

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    Fantastical news.
    Hope you can put all this behind you and look forward to a much brighter future

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