I just received a e-mail from my union informing members of the a protest against the "Two Child Cap and Rape Clause". It appears that new benefit rules will limit access to child tax credits to two children but there is an exemption called the "Rape Clause". This will allow the woman to claim for a third child if that child is born due to "rape" as well as other abusive actions.

The protest is because my union, among many left leaning groups, don't want women to have to "prove" that they were actually been raped and they don't want the women or their representative to have to make a statement to the benefits staff. So in other words my Union just want women to say on the form that they were raped or abused and that is it. Another example of automatically believing the "victim".

The issue I have with the clause is that it may increase the amount of false accusations made. Women who want the money may simply make up a story and name innocent men. Any claim of rape will have to be reported to the (lack of) justice system because if the benefit agency don't then they will be accused of letting rapist get away with it. This will lead to an increase in victims of false accusers and the time it takes to investigate cases.