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    Got a call this morning to say that case has been NFA.
    Feel odd - glad that not going to court and all that goes with that but I am still in the same torn situation with it being daughter that made allegations and her being under 18 until 2019.
    I don't feel how I thought I would if we got this outcome.
    Still puts a dampener on thoughts of a baby too as would start PLO and child protection on both baby and daughter.
    Feel such a d*** because I'm still really cheesed off with it all and wanted to feel better than this.
    One bit is over but it's not the end

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    it is not at all unusual to feel like this after a NFA or even after NG verdicts. Expect mood swings and if you think you are going mad, you really are not. This is all perfectly normal for the abnormal situation that you find yourself in.

    Some people after NFA do go on to have other children. I appreciate this must feel awful given that your own child did this. If you feel you are not coping, please do go and see your GP for some help via counselling or CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

    Hold on in there
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    Good to hear this news but I sense from your post that bananas will not be appropriate

    However there is a positive in that the recovery process will start from now and from a lower peak than if there had been a trial in the future.
    'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger'

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    Every NFA or NG feels like a hollow victory when there is so much damage done to a family but in time you will work everything out.

    I know for a fact that you have all of the skills and the knowledge necessary to deal with anything and I see no reason why you could not jump over a few obstacles in any path you wanted to take. You have dealt with everything brilliantly so far.

    You may have some way to go before you are fully out of the other side but you can now begin to heal as a family and in time you will move forward, I'm sure that you will get to where you want to be. I have every faith in you

    CH may have a point about the banana's but at least the law didn't decide to make a sad situation worse. I think a few are appropriate...

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    I fully appreciate that sunken feeling after the NFA/NG.

    Our elation was short lived. The pain afterwards and the revelations that the justice system appears to be flawed is very hard to come to terms with.

    I'll offer a few .... in the hope that you will continue to recover and your heart will mend.

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    NFA often seems to be an anticlimax, leaving as many problems as it solves, but I'm sending bananas anyway as they are full of potassium and you need as many good nutrients as you can get to help you get through this.

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