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Thread: A fab article on the Anna Raccoon blog - about the liar who put a brave fire chief into prison

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    Default A fab article on the Anna Raccoon blog - about the liar who put a brave fire chief into prison

    Porkie Farming nearly became a profitable business.

    Back in 2007, a young carpenter registered a company ‘Ddc Contracts‘, to carry out a joinery business, along with ‘possibly’ his partner, Lorraine Smith. They lived in a pleasant enough street in Kent. Hook Lane, Bromley. Within two years the company was in trouble – Companies House was threatening to strike them off the register.

    Perhaps they downsized their home to get out of trouble? By 2009, they had moved to a less salubrious area, Powster Road, Bromley; smaller houses, lower overheads; they somehow managed to keep ‘Ddc’ afloat and Companies House withdrew the threat. Lorraine apparently moved house at the same time.

    The new business plan didn’t last long – another 12 months went by, and Companies House had lost patience and dissolved the business. Despite the promises which had resulted in the first warning being withdrawn, they had never managed to file any accounts.

    Undeterred, our young carpenter was back in September 2013. He’d had an idea! He would register a company to carry out a joinery business. He’d call it ‘DDC contracts’ instead of ‘Ddc Contracts’. He’d make his old favourite Lorraine Smith, the company secretary. Again. By now they’d moved to an even lower value property in Avondale Road, Bromley. Eighteen months later Companies House were threatening to strike the company off the register. No accounts again. No reprieves this time. 5 months later, Companies House abruptly pulled down the shutters on DDC Contracts.

    However, our young carpenter had had yet another brainwave! ‘Animal Charities’ – they make money don’t they? They are a difficult prospect when you live in a maisonette in a Bromley side street, but undeterred, he acquired a piece of land next to the golf course in Orpington. Registering as a charity takes a lot of energy, so he didn’t actually bother with that, but returned to his old friends, the company formation agents. Now, he had a Suzanne Huckle as company secretary. She used to be in charge of the tendering system for repairing wheelchairs for Bromley hospital. Curiously, she seemed to be living in the same small maisonette in Avondale Road. No word on whether the long suffering Lorraine had moved out or was just especially understanding.

    Soon a local paper was calling him a ‘heroic carpenter’ who was repairing one house ‘free of charge’ whilst striving to build an animal sanctuary with the other hand – when ‘thieves ruined his dream’ by stealing £3,500 of wood which was destined to build shelters for the poor animals…just as soon as he could get planning permission for this venture, which sadly he hadn’t thought of beforehand…

    Another local paper and ‘Then the centre ‘was burgled again‘ and this time the fencing material destined to contain the animals was stolen. Our young carpenter with his closed down carpentry business seemed to be spending a lot of time storing wood on this land…

    Need I tell you that within 15 months, Companies House had pressed for accounts, received none, and 4 months later the animal sanctuary was struck off.

    Not before our young carpenter had convinced another local paper that a) the sanctuary was a charity, and b) that it was a deserving cause. He told them that he ‘had discovered two 30 stone’ porkies roaming outside his ‘animal sanctuary’ and had taken them in – but big porkies are expensive to feed, so any donations would be welcome…the Surrey Comet fell for it.

    For more information or to donate visit:

    Don’t bother following the link, it is long since defunct.

    A month later, and our trainee porkie rearer was phoning the Daily Star; now the 30 stone beastie, Bonking Boris, ‘named after Boris Johnson’, had been there ‘for a year’ and had fathered 100 piglets to the strain of Black Sabbath…The sanctuary had apparently been there for a year longer than Companies House had been told…

    Come June, and ‘Bonking Boris’ had been renamed ‘Bacon‘ for yet another local newspaper. Still weighing in at 30 stone mind you, now he was the centre of a story of how the sanctuary had been targeted ’15 times’ in its short life. ‘Bacon’ had ‘heroically’ saved the life of the 4 piglets he had fathered…no mention of the other mythical 96…

    The ‘heroic sanctuary owner’ seemed to be permanently out and about on the cyberwaves, pleading for donations to his cause:

    HELP we are not charity status, we are funding this ourselves, we are going without for our love of animals. we have 50 unwanted pigs and piglets, ponies and horses. we need your help, labor, tools, knowledge on how to set up a charity or funds, please call on 07803845731. We are desperate, PLEASE HELP

    The following month he hit the Sevenoaks Chronicle, saying ‘he may be forced to close down if a recent spate of thefts continues’.

    Jodeen Animal Sanctuary, which is open to the public free of charge all day Saturday and Sunday, would like volunteers or donations to help with the running of it.

    His Facebook page appealing for donations was doing moderately well too.

    The same month that Companies House was striking the company off, the porkie specialist was phoning the Daily Mail, telling them that a neighbouring greenkeeper had been fired for ‘giving water to his animals’.

    His centre was set up in 2011 and is run as a charitable trust for ill-treated horses, pigs and sheep.

    Amongst the many desperately upset readers who commented on that article, was one who claimed to be the owner of the sanctuary – extolling the virtues of those who donated funds, food, and essentials to the poor animals:

    Jodeenanimals, Knockholt, United Kingdom, 1 year ago

    This is Danny Day and I would like to thank you all for your comments which I am very pleased to report that that the management have now agreed to reinstate Gary and allow us water from their main. We would also like to thank the fire service who stepped in and helped when the dispute was going on. We have been trying to raise enough funds to get direct supply from Thames water supply but unfortunately every time funds come in it has only been enough to supply foods vet bills and fencing. We would also like to thank spitalfields market who supply us with all unwanted fruit and veg which supplements diet of the animals.. We are continuing to raise funds for direct water and power supply. Please visit our web site which is or Facebook called jodeen sanctuary and see all the animals and please feel free to come and visit. Many thanks Dan Sue and all the animals x
    No mention of Lorraine, just ‘Danny and Sue’.

    Notice something else though? ‘We would also like to thank the fire service who stepped in and helped when the dispute was going on.’

    Please click the link for the whole article.
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    Just spotted this. Sadly Anna recently passed away from cancer. She was very ill towards the end but very brave even standing against Jeremy Corbyn in the general election to raise issues about the NHS - this when she couldnt' get out of bed.

    Although she seemed to have a change of mind about some cases towards the end of her life (no one knows if this was down to medication or other factors), her fantastic blogs and campaigning were a great support to many people and I'm sure she will be sadly missed by many

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