a month ago my step sister falsely accused me of rape, this apparently happened 7-8 years ago and she would have been around the age of 5 and i was 14. I remember how it all came about, my step brother and i were cleaning her room. while we were doing this he asked her if she wanted to 'touch him' etc. I immediately felt uncomfortable and decided to leave the room.
I tried telling my step mum at the time about this incident but nobody believed me. A couple of nights passed and i was staying at a friends house and my step dad came to the house and immediately brought me home... I was confused and a lil scared if im honest because i hadn't ever seen him that angry. when i got back i found my room trashed and he started to hit me and scream at me! apparently i made her touch me!
Social services were called the next day and i tried explaining what had happened but my step mum refused to beieve my step brother would do that.
I was told the police wouldnt be involved and nothing would be taken further.

Last month i got a knock on my door saying that a was arrested for rape... not just touching but penetration! wtf!
I was so shocked and didnt know what to do. I'm really scared, although i know i didnt do it i suffer from severe anxiety and depression.
my step mum and the accuser failed to mention social services were involved at the time during their statement.
Will this work in my favor?

Please help i just needed somewhere to put my mind to rest or at least get some helpful advice