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Thread: Re bailed yet again 15months!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re bailed yet again 15months!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just an update

    Received some disappointing news I have been re-bailed for another 3 months making my total time on police bail 15 Months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Still no contact with my Children ....making it well over a year

    According SS I am very high risk!!!!!!!

    Also got a legal bill from the ex wife (the false accuser) for 3250 for her legal fees!!!! That apparently I have to pay!!!!!

    Institutional corruption at its best!!!!!

    Still I stand tall.......walk strong.......hold my own.......

    Bring it on I say......


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    And to make matters worse Barcelona done a number on Arsenal too...

    lol...don't worry, its better to be on bail than be charged ^^

    As for the bill your missus has sent, get your solicitor to have a look at it, what the hell is she charging you for, its just rubbing salt on the wounds.

    really vexes me when that happens.
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    Aww huni NO Have you been given any reason for such a long delay? Like a back log or anything? Stay strong you must be going out of your mind, your a really brave person and you sound like an incredibly devoted Dad.

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    Thank you lilyput....and thank you Lucky!!.......for reminding me about Barcelona!!

    The police have said..........that the reason for bail was that before Xmas my file was sent back to the police from the CPS.......for "further information"

    My file went back to CPS in January after this "apparent further information" was provided........

    The police said, at that time that they were waiting for yet another statement from the False accuser (ex wife) in conjunction with the "further information" needed by the CPS.

    And as it stands CPS are still apparently investigating me.........

    To be honest I've become accustomed to this utter disgraceful torment with the police/CPS investigation....

    But what really Cheese's me off is no contact with my Children....... Not even supervised!!!!

    If I had a previous track previous convictions.....etc.....bad character.... I would really understand.....

    But for gods sake I have never even had a PARKING ticket let alone committed any other crime!!!!!!!

    Being falsely accused by anyone is absolutely hideous....words cannot

    But to be put in this evil turmoil by your own wife the mother of my Children is a different kettle of fish altogether!!!!

    Meanwhile.....I have divorce....proceedings going on.....I'm unemployed struggling to find work......

    But hey......It's all water off a ducks back for me............

    Except the only difference in that analogy is I AINT NO DUCK!!!!!

    I'm a lion........

    And I WIN

    Never BACK DOWN




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    The no contact with children must be horrific you've not even been accused of a rape of an under 18 for pete's sake. People have been accused of CSA of really young children and still have contact.
    Have they said anything that hints at an NFA or a charge?

    Sorry if this sounds cheeky or bossy but the unemployed thing if you're over 24 have you thought about doing a home learning course as with stonebridge you can get it paid for free. It's a 24+ loan and you only pay back when your earning over a certain amount. I'm doing a course with them now and they are fab. Trying to get my OH to train for something that doesn't require a CRB should we get a bad outcome but he won't because this isn't happening *eye roll*.

    I hope they give you an answer soon, fifteen months of your life, it's unbelievable

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